Wood vs. Metal

Hey Willis, How can I keep the fingerboard in good shape using roundwound strings on my fretless bass .Just got it sanded up a month ago and it is already full of string marks. Thanks for your answer, Peter

Hey Peter, What is the fingerboard material? If it’s ebony, it might last for years. If it’s rosewood, then odds are it will die a slow agonizing death without some kind of protection (polyurethane or epoxy). One thing that will help extend the life of an unfinished fingerboard is to play with less pressure in the left hand and also avoid any string bending. It’s fretless, so get your vibrato the way the pros do and don’t grind the strings into the unprotected wood. Unless it’s ebony and you can develop a light left-hand technique (which requires rethinking your string height and overall setup) I’d recommend putting a finish on it.

  • Basan

    Hey Willis! What kind of finish do you reccomend? Epoxy? Once i saw guys used several layers of regular super glue followed by polishing the surface.

    My fingerboard material is chechen, and it’s look like compressed wood, similar like drum sticks, but after two years have little scratches…

  • Tomasz Romanowski

    I’ve got my GWB1005 delivered with roundwound Addario strings. After few months playing it is full of string marks. Is it normal ? What kind of strings do you recommend ?
    Best Regards, Tomasz from ZURICH

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