Hey Willis,

Firstly – you’re a genius and thanks for existing and especially for moving over to Europe so you’re just a little closer to the UK – it’s not that bad over here is it? Secondly I’ve just asked for an espresso machine for my birthday in July and I just watched your very excellent Clouds Of Glory video – so my question is what is your attitude towards coffee? You obviously love it – and like me I’m sure as life has gone on and you have given up ‘other things’ do you think caffeine is a safe drug and one that used in the right way is actually beneficial to playing, practicing and or performing? Have a great day and I hope to hear/see you live again soon – please come and play in London sometime soon – I saw your gig with Gerard Presencer at the Vortex and it was really special.
Cheers buddy,

Hey Mike,
First of all, caffeine makes me play horribly – so I don’t recommend it for performing. I usually play better when I’m tired – my conscious brain doesn’t interfere so much with my instincts – but if I have a coffee before I play, I’m way too aware of everything that’s happening. It screws with any access to instincts.
I’ve discovered my limit is about 3 a day – but I really enjoy those three when I can make them myself. I got a Rancilio Epoca for my birthday a few years back and have since started using my own grinder and tamping press. Check out this Espresso Porn
Thanks for the kind words and, yes, my shots look like that.