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Hey Willis, How do you send signals from your bass to the V-Bass and other midi devices? Do you mod your bass’ bridge to send the signals via piezo? Also, I’ve noticed that you don’t have the controls for switching banks and controlling the volume also. Have you just bypassed that interface and handle it directly from the v-bass?

I have the Graph Tech Ghost piezo system installed and it integrates nicely with the VB-99 so everything is done from there. The VB-99 lets you choose whether you’re using the Roland GK-3B or a piezo system. I’ve moved the 3 controls (the 2 switches and the GK-Volume converted to a switch) to the side of the ramp. I’ve assigned those controls to send midi-note messages to Ableton Live which then get interpreted to activate scene up, scene down and scene launch events. I’ve already got plenty going on with the FC-300 on the floor plus a few more things so it makes critical scene switching less error-prone.

Custom VB-99 switches

Custom VB-99 switches

  • laba2bongsor

    howdy mr. Willis

    i like the way you customized the VB-99 switches, it’s clean and neat!!

    anyway, could u post some pic of the bass output? i mean since u use graptech ghost, did u use a GK-cable? is the bass still can be use directly to the amp with the regular cable, or it had 2 outputs for GK cable and regular cable?

    could u draw a scheme that shows the setup or how you organize all the equipment onstage?

  • http://www.garywillis.com GW

    Actually, I bailed on the Ghost/piezo system a couple of weeks ago and have since gotten way better tracking and practically zero false triggers after switching back to the GK-3B. I installed the same switches under the ramp but haven’t completely cleaned up the look of the install yet. Once I do, I’ll post some pics.

  • http://www.cruttenden.blogspot.com/ Will Cruttenden

    Very interested to see how this looks. I have a GK-3B ready to go and a GWB-35 to experiment on before I mod the GWB-1005.

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