Willis is back with the amazing Llibert Fortuny on saxes and David Gomez on drums with a follow-up to “SlaughterHouse3” & “Actual Fiction” and he has come out swinging! True to form there is a lot of interesting effects and some wonderful programming going on here. Groovy as hell, and just chocked full of trippy and supremely interesting samples, loops and general wackiness. Gomez has such a nice pocket here.. I really fell in love with his drumming all over again here. Llibert is an incredibly interesting horn player.. I really love his tone, lines and use of effects! And, of course, Willis is just KILLING it here. Such cool grooves… trademark phrasing and tone, of course but the thing that amazes me is that… he just keeps getting better and even more interesting with every release. I cannot praise this one enough.

Damien Erskine


Release Year: 2008

Label: Universal Music

Gary Willis – bass
Llibert Fortuny – saxophone
David Gomez – drums