Here’s my set from back in February for the Ibanez Day festival in Milan. As kind of an experiment, I didn’t bring my personal bass and used a stock GWB1005 from Ibanez’s inventory. All I did was my setup – which included a new set of strings, adjusting the action and setting the pickup/ramp height and angle. Otherwise, the sound is direct from the Aguilar TH500, so no processing, no effects or reverb to hide behind. So it’s a great barometer of how well these instruments are made. My playing is whatever it is, but I can say for sure that bass wasn’t holding me back.

Thanks to Ibanez for such a great instrument and for letting me share the stage with Kiko Loureiro, Diego Budicin, Stefano “Sebo” Xotta, Gianni Rojatti, Giacomo Castellano and  Marco Sfogli e Cesareo.