Hey Willis, I’m a UK,Wiltshire bases bassist and was explaining to someone the other night about boiling bass strings. I’ve used the recipe in your ‘101 Bass Tips’ book (great book by the way!! Always close at hand) for ages, and used to do a similar method prior to finding your recipe and have had good results. However, I recently found an article warning away from using boiled water in preference to a 24hour soak in methelated spirit (or de-natured alcohol) that looks pretty good. Check here: http://www.tunemybass.com/strings/how_to_clean_bass_strings.html Do you have thoughts on this as I’ll likely give it a go at some point soon.
Cheers for the book. Brilliant. Cheers, Ken

Hey Ken,
It’s true what the link says about wanting to eliminate water – but that’s what the final step in the oven takes care of. In fact, I probably should have recommended 30 minutes instead of 15. One benefit is that the agitation of the bubbling hot water enables the elimination of deposits better than a long soak. However, if you were to use the alcohol and were able to agitate it as in a washing machine cycle, it would probably do just as good and wouldn’t require 24 hours. Now we need to invent a machine that does the job, right?