MTB Videos

  • Damir

    Great shot. 🙂

  • Will

    Willis…I have been checking out your MTB stuff for a while (as a bass player/Willis fan and MTB’er) and it seems you have stuck with the squishy 26’er thing exclusively for years. Any interest in 29’ers or single speeds? I’m not questioning your choices because you rate as one of the coolest people on the planet, just curious.

  • GW

    My problem with a 29er has to do with my center of gravity. I have a big head – no, really: XL or XXL. A taller bike with less travel might be “faster” and roll easier but I’m not racing and I can’t afford the lack of control from being that higher off the ground. Of course, I can still afford to lose some weight for the center of gravity thing but I haven’t found any head-shrinking diets that work yet.

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