Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life – new solo CD released

“A delicious collection of fusion-funk for the twenty-first century.” Joining me on this set of twelve tracks are Gergo Borlai on drums, Scott Kinsey on keyboards, Steve Tavaglione on saxes and EWI, Claudia Bardagí on voice and Llibert Fortuny on tenor sax and voice.

The album’s accompanying artwork, by Brazilian artist Rafael Sarmento, binds the tracks together in a kind of fantastic visual and aural universe. “In working with Rafael, what I’d like to do is push people toward listening with their imagination,” Willis explains. “Hopefully, my music inspires some kind of other awareness or consciousness—another world to escape to.” Indeed, for seventy-plus minutes, Larger Than Life does just that.

Gary Willis - Larger Than Life - Promo Video
  • Rafael Sarmento

    Fuck YES <3

  • gabor36

    would be great if it ituned soon…. until that, well done!

  • Alan Marshall

    Gary you never disappoint!!!!!

  • Ben Christa

    I really appreciate your compositions and performance on the bass! Thanks god that some guys like you are out there to work on substantial good music! Thank you!!

  • whatcom_bassist

    One of my favorite musicians for nearly 30 years, just a monster player.

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