Flattery Sandwich

Hey Willis, Love your sound, man! I just wish I had your chops. 🙂 Hey, looks like you use D’Addario strings. What type and gauge do you use? Thanks so much, -Dennis- PS: New web site is pretty cool!

Normally in the bass-education community, when the semi-generic/quasi-boring question “what gauge strings do you use” comes up, it’s usually the subject of a little derision and a few rolled eyeballs. Normally I find myself struggling to resist pouncing on such a mundane-predictable question, but the sandwiching of such insightful flattery such as “Love your sound, man! I just wish I had your chops.” followed by the “PS: New web site is pretty cool!” lets me know that this particular questioner obviously knows what he’s talking about and must be taken seriously. Or, in other words: flattery will get you everywhere – plus I needed an excuse to reformat the gear page for the new site layout anyway.
OK, so Dennis here’s the new page with the pertinent info: http://garywillis.com/gear/live-gear-list

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