Hey Willis, I recently got a used a GWB1 and I have noticed the tone is incredibly bright when the on-board controls are set flat. I remember reading that you run yours the same and was wondering what you did to tame the high end, is it all right hand muting? Thanks, Morris

Hey Morris, you’ve probably come to realize by now that “flat” is a very relative/subjective term. It really depends on the system you’re running through – whether it’s hi-fi studio monitors or an old 15″ bass cabinet with no tweeters. On the Aguilar 750 I would put the mid and treble controls at about 10 o’clock or less and run the tweeter attenuation all the way off on the GS112’s (this was before the GS112 NT no-tweeter model was available). Now with the 751 it’s closer to “flat”. But when I have to play through other systems I’ll normally roll back the Treble control on the bass.
For recording I keep the Bass and Treble controls on my bass flat but I definitely reduce the highs for listening to myself while tracking. What goes to “tape” is the full audio spectrum (according to me). What gets done to it afterwords depends, but it pretty much never involves EQ.