Hey Willis,
I see that you “minimized” a GK-3B pickup on your bass, presumably to make it look nicer. Before I start hacking my brand new GK-3B, I’d like to ask you if you can give me some insight into how you did it. Is there something I should watch out for, or is it fairly straightforward? Many thanks!

Hey Jerry,
Yeah, I think it integrates into the look of the bass nicely now. I didn’t document the step-by-step process because I was short on time and wasn’t sure it would work. Once you separate the internals from the aluminum pickup shell, you’ll find the pickup is made up of two tiny circuit boards each with 3 coils that sit on top. So I carefully snipped off the extra coil and checked to make sure it still worked and didn’t introduce any noise to the system. As long as you correctly select the corresponding 5-string configuration in the GK setup menu, you’re fine.

The GK-3B has a radius built into it but it didn’t quite match the radius of my neck and the resulting string heights. So I superglued a little plastic spacer to sit under the middle where the 2 circuit board pickups meet in order to more closely match my radius. Probably not entirely necessary since you have the option to individually adjust level between strings in the GK setup pages – but an easy modification at that point so why not?
Once I had the radius done then it was time for the Sugru. I covered the whole thing and shaped it the best I could and let it set overnight. Then I used a dremel with the barrel sander attachment to give it its final shape.
I ran the cable into the bridge plate and from there into the electronics cavity. then out of the back pickguard cover where I attached the GK-3B’s electronics.
The S1, S2 & GK volume controls still connect to the tiny buttons along the underside of the ramp. Since I’m not using the controls on the electronics part itself I eliminated those and covered the remaining access holes with either foam or tape. I permanently superglued the Bass/Mix/GK switch to the middle position since I’m controlling the mix elsewhere.

Attaching the GK-3B electronics to the backside of my bass is an option for me because I access its controls with the switches under my ramp (with the GK volume potentiometer converted to a switch). If you intend to do something similar, that adds another “hack” to the equation – so I suppose I could document that process next time I do it as well.