Triphasic – March 19, 2011 – Black Music Festival

Triphasic Concert – March 19
Black Music Festival, Girona

  • Bernard

    Hey Willis,
    I hope you have much success at the Black Music Festival.
    Are you still accepting questions in the Ask Willis section? I see “comments closed” there. I was hoping it would continue. The archives are so interesting to read.
    I really enjoy your playing and compositions. So much so that you’ve inspired me to start playing again (just for my enjoyment though). Continued success Willis.

  • Bernard

    Hey Willis (again),
    Forgot to ask you about about the song “Bent”. Is that you slapping and popping on that cut(!). What basses are you using for the slap/popping sound. Is the ultra low bass come from using an octave box?

    Thanks again.

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