Fingerboard Harmony for Bass Corrections

FBH cover image

The lastest printing is supposed to have taken care of these.
These corrections are for the first few thousand that went out.

P. 56
Top of page, third row, right column.
The answers in the box should be: Fm4A (up) or Fm4B .

P. 56
Measure #7 of the 2nd system:
For the Fm7 chord, the hand position should be Eb4A.
The text below it has the correct Eb4A indicated.

P. 57
Measure #5 beat 1 (Eb on A-string) should be played with 4th finger not 3rd.

P. 57
Delete (or ignore) the 2nd sentence that says: "Since Bbm4E connects to Bbm1G, it's possible to shift and play measure 6 in Bb1G (fingering 1-2-4-2)."

P. 58
Bar #12 needs an Ebmaj7 chord symbol.

P. 60
The memorization graphic should have a "maj2 down" symbol in the middle of the 2nd line:

chord numbers
P. 61
Bottom line, measure #13, beat 1 ( Ab on D string) The Ab should be played with the 2nd not 3rd finger in Eb2A.

P. 65 & 66
12 bar chord progression, repeated 3 times on page 65 and 3 times on page 66.
The 4th bar should be
C7 not F7.

P. 70 & 71
The chord symbol for bar #17 should be Emaj7 not Ebmaj7. Same thing for P.71, bar #41.