Ask Willis - September - 1998

Hey Willis,
Congrats on the site. 3 Things: Is the Bent cover from a personal accident or just a stock photo? If I use some of your material in a clinic, what's your cut? And I'm playing 'Bowlegged' with a guitar player in a duet fashion. It's just good funk.
Later, D.D.

1. My old bike was hit by a car (with me on it) but the cover is a different bike wheel.
2. My lawyer has filed a restraining order as we speak.
3. My lawyer has filed a 'Bowlegged' funk restraining order as we speak.

Hey Willis,
As the illegitimate offspring of Mssrs. Ritenour, Carleton and Tesh, hatched in a bizarre laboratory experiment at GRP headquarters, I demand that you immediately add a light NAC hiphop backbeat, get rid of Kinsey, enlist Bob James, and lock that Henderson guy in a room with all of my papa's old albums. Only then can you make the music you were truly destined to.
To paraphrase Gene Simmons of Kiss: "I wanna AAA all night and NAC every day!"
Word to your chiropractor.
MC LTR and his Mofo Posse
a bizarre medical exp
from: Larry-Tesh-Ritenour

'word to your therapist
take 2 Rippingtons, one Benoit before bed
& don't call me in the morning

Hey Willis,
more pics of your cap collection. D.J.

Hey DJ, if you've seen one cap you've seen 'em all.
P.S. NHL sucks, NFL rules.

Hey Willis,
Loved your first album(No Sweat) and look forward to your next(Bent). Have you been or do you have any plans of playing clubs or concerts in the Santa Fe/Albuq. area? D.H.

Thanks. No local stuff going on. I'll probably do a clinic again at Lesmen's in Albq., but that might not be until the Ibanez bass is out (Jan. '99). Eventually I'll add a tour/clinic page so you can find out about anything happening here first.

Hey Willis,
When are you going to Italy ?? E.S.

As far as I know, we'll (Tribal Tech) be doing a European tour to support "Thick" sometime around March/April '99. I promise to have a tour/clinic page up eventually and if anything's happening with the Willis band, you can find out about that as well.

Hey Willis,
When are you going to be touring with Yanni..? Are you going to be rescheduling your US tour? W.C

I really wish he'd stop calling. I keep telling him it's not the money. Some people just don't give up. I'm assuming you mean the Tribal Tech US tour. Since our new CD "Thick" won't be out 'til Jan. '99, that pushes any US tour possibilities into fall '99. I'll eventually keep tour info on the site. Check back.

Hey Willis,
What's Scott Kinsey really like? C.G.

He's actually a big fan of the NFL. His favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals and his favorite player is Brad Van Pelt. He thinks Van Pelt should be starting instead of the aging Peyton Manning.

Hey Willis,
Has Tribal Tech disbanded? J.F

No, actually we're coming up on our 15th year. Ouch, makes me feel old. We've got a new CD "Thick" coming out in Jan. on the ESC label. I'll be updating this site with tour info, etc.