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Hey Willis, first of all I think you’re probably the most influential bass player in the world after Jaco, and every new project just blows my mind again! OK, my question is about all your other abilities (web designer, video editing, re-inventing stuff, etc…) because I’m also into almost all these things, and also I’m a father of 2 little sons. It’s really hard for me to maintain a routine when I work 8 hours a day in an office. How could you do all that so well?!! -Thanks, Nicolas

Hey Nicolas, Thanks for your kind sentiments but we all should be congratulating you and asking how you can be into all those things while working an office job and being the father of 2 boys. I don’t have either of those responsibilities so I’d say that puts me at an advantage. Still, I struggle with trying to find the time to do the things I want to. The only advice I could tell you from my perspective is don’t worry about a “routine”. If you find yourself doing one thing, by choice or because it’s higher on your list, then go ahead and enjoy it and don’t let the fact that you’re neglecting some other thing that you also want to do get in the way of enjoying what you’re doing right now. Except, of course, if you’re supposed to be picking up the kids or on your way to work. Life’s too short for a routine – let yourself enjoy what time you have for things and get to the rest when you get to it.

  • Nico

    Hey! I had not seen your answer!! really nice!
    I kinda think like you said about living the present and enjoy, but sometimes is hard mostly in this city (Buenos Aires) that musicians are completely abandoned…, The last thing I want is to sound frustrated or something like that, I’m not at all like that, I’ve more done in my life than a lot of people here (wife, beautiful kids, buy a house, steady job, bands, instruments that I like…) I’m just a little lost in the way to get what I dream with my music and my playing.
    Really thanks for your kind words Gary! come to Buenos Aires with Triphasic!!!

    PS: Nice work with your wordpress template, you did it? 😉

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