Live Gear List

Ibanez GWB1005 with Roland GK-3B (I minimized the pickup size and the controller is mounted on the back)

Aguilar DB751

Aguilar GS112 (x2)

D’Addario EXL165
+ D’Addario XLB135T .045 .065 .085 .105 .135 (the .135 is tapered)

Roland GR-55
Aguilar Filter Twin
Roland Octa-Capture
My latest controller hack – There’s a Korg NanoKontrol hiding in there. The 2 switches (patch +/- ) and horizontal expression knob (dry/pedal mix) are held on to the GR-55 with magnets. The FV is assigned to sequence volume and the other horizontal expression knob is assigned depending on the patch.
Roland V-8
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