9V battery size?

Hey Willis,
I have the GWB-1 and it has developed a problem of the battery not sitting snug in the compartment. This causes a lovely huge pop sound if I move the wrong way. I’ve had to wedge in a piece of sponge to keep this from happening. Is this a widespread problem with these basses?

Hey David,
Actually, it’s a problem with battery manufacturers. Here’s a couple of batteries I grabbed out of my recycling box:

Here’s another example from some battery experts.

Since the design of the battery holder in the GWB basses depends on the reasonably snug fit of the battery to hold it in place, the solution you’re using is necessary but it’s only a problem if you happen to buy a “short” 9-volt battery. Go ahead an use the foam but remember to compare battery sizes the next chance you get to shop for some.

  • http://www.cruttenden.blogspot.com/ Will Cruttenden

    I had this problem too. Duracell must be a ‘short’ brand. I use a tiny piece of card to bring it up to ‘long’ battery length.

  • http://www.urbancentral.eu stan dale

    same problem, have my gwb from 1999 and have it for 3 years this problem. Good to know i’m not the only one. Besides that it still stays one off my favorite basses and never in my life gonna sell it!

  • http://www.jeffleebass.com bluesquidd

    Ernie Ball Ships all their basses with Duracell batteries due to their consistence in size

  • Geo

    Sounds like an ISO 9000 project might be in order for standarization purposes.

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