This is the new home of the MTB galleries (except they’re not here yet).


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  1. jacek says:

    Dear Gary. Years ago I saw Scott Henderson play at the Baked Potato while visiting my brother there. I invited him to Fairbanks, as a joke of course, to play and see the Open North American Sprint Dog Championships held here in the spring. Figuring he loves dogs, I think the smell of dog crap and the atmosphere of similar dog lovers would be wonderful for that smart ass. And for you Mr. Willis, I extend an invitation to come up here to ride the new single track and enjoy all the sun in the summer. And of course play some music for all the Gary Willis fans here. Well…………there are some. And there is an Ibanez dealer. Anyhow. Thanks for all the wonderful music through the years. And continued success. Fellow MTB/musician.

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