London Bass Guitar Show

London Bass Guitar Show

I’ll be doing a performance at the London Bass Guitar Show March 12-13

March 12, 1pm Live Stage performance

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  1. Do you know on which of the two days you’ll be there?

  2. GW says:

    Just updated with Saturdays schedule.
    I’ll be around some Sunday as well.
    See ya there.

  3. Trev says:

    Fantastic news! Last time I saw you Gary was in Guildford, UK in 2007 at a clinic.

    I’ll be at the London Show for sure!

    See you there!

  4. Joocypeach says:

    Hey Willis,

    Good to see you are back in the UK. Hope to catch up with ya if you are still around when I get to the Bass Show on Sunday.
    Keep hearing rumours of a new TT album and checking the web but no positive outcomes perhaps you’ll be able to enlighten us then…..

  5. Got my ticket for Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you on stage.

  6. Greatly enjoyed your 30 minutes at the show. Although I winced when that guy asked you to “play some Jaco”.

  7. monad says:

    Hey Gary, how are you doing? i really enjoyed your gig at the London Bass Guitar show, and it was also really nice talking to you later near the aguitar booth. i remember i asked you about visuals and synching everything together as a one guy. you mentioned some guy that i should look up, but i forgot his name, and also some software that helps with the visuals.
    i was thinking of getting a handheld projector on eBay so i wanna check everything out before i get it.


  8. monad says:

    sorry about the typo, Aguilar ;]

  9. GW says:

    The guy is Mike Winkleman:
    Amazing stuff.
    I’m using Arkos Grand JV. It lets you assign a different clip for each midi note plus lets you use effects and lots of assignable midi controls.

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